Reel Ten Support Page

We take pride in our games and all the 3D and 2D graphics that we do. You can contact us anytime for support on our current games or for any work that we have done for you. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our latest game and also a quick tip on how to achieve a better score.

Renovate & Relocate: Miami

Butter Knife Issue:
This is not a bug. In the Town house, you will find a butter knife. The butter knife is not used to open the sliding glass doors. The butter knife is used on the left of the TV cabinet to pry it open because the knob is missing.

Frog Issue:
Issue with clicking the frog in the HOG scene in the green bathroom bug is fixed. Only people who purchased the game in advaced can have this issue. If you didn’t update, please contact us with your paypaly email. Thank you.

Hint for a better score:
Did you get fired by Olivia at the end of the game? Looking to improve your score? Well, It’s easy. If you click like a “mad man” in the renovation scenes and HOGS that come before the Renovation, than your score will be brought down. You need to focus and click on the objects, not every square pixel in the scene! Combine that, and spend at least 1 minute on your design and you will find yourself impressing Olivia a lot more. Good Luck

Found a Bug?
We like to support our games, Let us Know!
Please give us specifics. Location? Item used? Scene change? Hog area? Every detail will help us locate and update these issues. Thank you!


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