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Reel Ten Services

Since 2009 Reel Ten has been a high-end 3d graphics provider for a multitude of mediums. Our CGI experience includes everything from full game development, visual effects, commercial production, 2D/3D graphics and assets, previsualizartion, logos, graphic design, architectural rendering, industrial design, medical animation, video editing and websites. We can also create 2D and Ultra-Realistic 3D graphics and videos to be used for marketing, magazines and TV commercial spots. We don’t do live video shoots, but we can work with other companies that do. We can do on site special effects direction, track the data and enhance a scene with 3D graphics & animation. The possibilities are endless, so if you have a project that needs are specialties, contact us right away!

Reel Ten Game Development

mobile game development servicesReel Ten is currently in development of an in-house mobile game, but we are interested to find out what game you want to make and how we can work together on it. Every game idea has the potential for huge success! Let’s make it happen.

2D Graphics &Web

wordpress setup developmentReel Ten has worked on a wide variety of 2D graphics ranging from a simple logo to printing huge window graphics. Our 2D graphics services include anything from brochures, business cards, logo design, wide format graphics for windows and more. Our 2D world also consists of WordPress Website setup and development with graphics and hosting if needed. If you have a 2D project and need professional service, contact us.

3D Graphics, FMV, Models, Environments & Assets

3d graphics reel ten

Reel Ten focuses primarily on 3D projects and we’ve worked on just about everything from simple object asset creation to Full Motion Videos (FMV) and everything in between. We do it all!

  • Industrial Design: Photo-Realistic product rendering
  • 3D asset modeling & texturing
  • 3D environment modeling & texturing
  • 3D still images
  • 3D animation
  • 3D Character Modeling & Texturing
  • Full Motion 3D animations
  • Cutscenes
  • Trailers

As you can see, we do, do 3D! If you have a 3D project and need professional service, contact us.If you need any type of graphic design with 3D images incorporated, let us know. We’d love to work with you.

Commercial Spots

Reel Ten loves to make things move! A 3D image can be impressive but when you add some motion, everything comes to life. That’s why we love FMV work and doing Commercial spots from pre-viz to the final product. Nothing can be more satisfying than going through this process. A lot of the commercial spots out there today are entirely 3d CGI generated. Product spots, car spots, cell phone spots, all 3D! Need a commercial spot? It’s our favorite, Contact us to see how we can work together. Pre-Viz to Final.





Medical Animation

medical-animation-3d_00211Reel Ten provides high quality 3D renderings and animations for medical education, training and demonstration. Medical Animation is tedious and it has to be meticulous and we understand this. When it comes to microscopic medical animation, our artists can have a lot of fun manipulating and using rendering shaders that they would otherwise never consider using!


Architectural Rendering

At Reel Ten, our services include architectural pre-visualization for your newest upcoming construction projects. Using the latest technology, including Maya, 3D Max, Mental Ray and Vray we can produce some amazing results and even composite them into live photographs!