Reel Ten

About Reel Ten

Reel Ten is an independent game developer located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In late 2009, Reel Ten was originally established as an art resource house to provide 2d and 3d, videos, animations, stills and art assets for the video game industry. Almost immediately the company shifted it’s focus towards game development and started work on Renovate & Relocate: Boston. As the game came closer to finish in the summer of 2010, Reel Ten formed a relationship with Big Fish Games to publish and distribute Renovate & Relocate: Boston. The game was well recieved by most and downloaded 202,918 times within 3 weeks. Soon after Reel Ten created publishing relationships with Game House, Onhand Software, Oberon Media and others to further the distribution of Renovate & Relocate: Boston. Reel Ten was now ready to make even more games! Reel Ten still works on contract with companies in need to 2D/3D graphics, videos, advertisments and more!

Latest Reel Ten Info

Reel Ten, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL is currently developing it’s first game for IOS/Android. Looking for just the right game to create, Reel Ten is considering everything and our goal is to create a game that has mass appeal. We want to try and make a game that everyone will enjoy. We spent a long time looking and even scrapped a game to find an age, gender, interest neutral IP that caters to gamer’s and casual players alike that will be enjoyable for everyone to play. We think we’ve found something and we’re are excited to be working on it. Best of all, it’s going to be free to play! That’s all there is to say! Check back and stay connected with us to find out more.

History Of Reel Ten

In the beginning, we needed a logo, fast! Have a look below at our progression. The “Reel” in reel ten was originally a movie reel. Later this evolved into a fishing reel. Although the first logo really didn’t have anything to do with a movie reel. It was just text, and something was needed yesterday, at the time. The reason why it was a movie reel was we were going to do cinimatic animaitons for games. In 2011 the logo changed to a fishing reel. We thought it would be more fun and we wanted to have a fun image for the casual gamers. In 2014 the decision was made to keep the fishing reel, but streamline to a more simple non-3D logo and change the colors to something familiar of the ocean. Hence the blue. For a moment, we almost changed what the “Reel” meant again, but was decided that the fishing reel works out perfect for us.


Reel Ten Current Logo