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After a few weeks of re-branding, came another few weeks of rebuilding all our sites and the overhaul was finally done. We hope that you enjoy them. All of our relevant sites have been completely “RENOVATED”, pun intended. In addition to updating our current popular sites, Reel Ten, Renovate & Relocate and Severe Incident, we also gave life to a long lost IP called Krystal Peak. There isn’t much there but check it out at Krystal Peak.com. It was painful, long, hot and hard but the result was worth the effort. Next Overhaul we are going to word press, because re-inventing the wheel every time is not fun! Of course, our new template has already been applied to our latest IOS and Android IP. We aren’t giving any more details out at this time. Found out what it is? Tweet Olivia and send a message via our Facebook. We’re going to be giving away free sticker packs to those who send us there clues! It will Feature Sticker from Renovate & Relocate Miami, Boston, Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 and of course some from the our latest Free to Play (F2P) title for mobile applications. IOS and Android phones and tablets is a fun, new, exciting platform for us. We hope you’re there on our launch!