New Look


New Look

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Our New Look

Reel Ten is proud to introduce you to our new look and total re-branding. It’s been, well, since the beginning of Reel Ten that we have done any kind of major update to our site and logos. We did a partial “new look” in 2011 after Renovate & Relocate: Boston came out, but we soon found ourselves wrapped up in Severe Incident. Since it was overdue from the beginning, this new look is a welcoming change and should last a while. Although, nothing is ever completely finished. This is the latest change as we make the transition from PC/MAC game development for IOS, Android, and Social game development. Most of our games from here on will be developed in the Free-To Play form(F2P). Everyone will be able to play anytime anywhere and with the ever expanding mobile market we hope to break our 400,000 download record for a single game. We’ve are working on an exciting new tittle that everyone can enjoy. Of course, we will continue to support our current games and maybe there’s a place for Renovate & Relocate in the mobile market. But for now, we hope you like our new look and you continue to support our fun games in the future by downloading them, for free!