Severe Incident Walk-Through Guide Chapter1

Chapter List

Chapeter 1: Escape the Wreckage

severe incident 1

Collect all the parts of “Oscar the Robot” and one fuse. Looks like Oscar didn’t like the crash landing so much!

severe incident 2

Click on the robot torso in the corner to assemble Oscar.

severe incident 3

Once Oscar is assembled, he will become your hint button.

severe incident 4

Collect the wrench that was underneath Oscar.

severe incident 6

Click on the X floor panel to go to a close-up and use the wrench to unscrew the panel and retrieve the code.

severe incident 7

The code can be reviewed later by clicking “DATA” on Oscar.

severe incident 8

Click on the floor debris to move things around. A color code is written on the inside of the cryo-door.

severe incident 9

The information will also be stored with Oscar.

severe incident 11

Oscar keeps mission “DATA”, a “MAP”, and “TASK” information. Map will not function until Oscar exits the ship. By clicking on the question mark under tasks, you will be given hints to complete them.

severe incident 12

Click on the safe in the corner and enter the code.

severe incident 13

Once the safe is open, collect the door key.

severe incident 14

Place the door key in the door to enter the color key puzzle.

severe incident 15

Input the correct sequence of colors to open the door then press the green button.

severe incident 17

Exit to the next room. Collect the second Fuse and click on the sparkles to play the HOG scene.

severe incident 18

Find the Torch.


severe incident 19

Then use the torch on the crossed beams blocking the stairs and proceed to the cockpit.

severe incident 20

Go to the Cockpit. Collect the third Fuse and then click on the sparkles to play the HOG.

severe incident 21

Collect the Rag and exit back to the previous room.

severe incident 22

Click on the empty area in the middle and place the fuses in the closeup.

severe incident 23

Once all three fuses are placed, pull the lever.

severe incident 24

Go back to the cockpit and click on the screen that says Auxiliary Power On.

severe incident 25

Finish the Puzzle and exit back to the previous room.

severe incident 26

Click on the door area and then pull the lever.

severe incident 27

Open the outer doors to the outside. Watch out of alien creatures!

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