Severe Incident Walk-Through Guide Chapter5

Chapter List

Chapeter 5: Deep Forest

severe incident 109

Click on the vines to go to the vine puzzle.

severe incident 110

Remove the vines from top to bottom. Good Luck! Go into the cave.

severe incident 111

Collect the Valve inside the cave.

severe incident 112

Go back to the outside of the Rex Research facility and go left.

severe incident 113

Click on the Voltage Box. Notice a space ship! Use the Security Card LV3 to open the box.

severe incident 114

Use the 4 Wires to replace the missing wires.

severe incident 115

Turn the breakers on in the proper order in the Breakers Puzzle.

severe incident 116

The gate will open. Go to the hanger.

severe incident 117

Collect the Black PCI card. Click the locker to go to the HOG.

severe incident 118

Collect the C4 Explosives. Go to the water treatment plant by going through the Rex Research facility.

severe incident 119

Use the 4 Valves on the pipes.

severe incident 120

Turn on the water plant by turning the correct valves in the Water Plant Puzzle. Go back to the top of the mountain past the little purple creature.

severe incident 121

Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG.

severe incident 122

Collect the Wire Cutters.

severe incident 123

Go to the cave. Place the C4 Explosive on the stalactite and then use the Detonator.

severe incident 124

Go through the cave. Use the axe on the down tree. Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG.

severe incident 125

Collect the Power Cell. Go to under the tail section of Cargo Flight 821.

severe incident 126

Collect the Power Cell. Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG.

severe incident 127

Collect the Security Card LV4. Go to the broken fence.

severe incident 128

Go to the broken fence. Collect the Red PCI Card. Use the Wire Cutters on the Fence. Go to the tower base.

severe incident 129

Use the Hack Saw on the door chain.

severe incident 130

Go inside. Click on the elevator panel.

severe incident 131

Use the screwdriver to open the panel.

severe incident 132

Go back to the cafeteria at the Rex Research facility to play the HOG.

severe incident 133

Collect the Blue PCI Card.

severe incident 134

Go to the water plant. Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG.

severe incident 135

Collect the Green PCI Card. Go back to the elevator panel at the control tower through the forest and cave.

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