Severe Incident Walk-Through Guide Chapter4

Chapter List

Chapeter 4: Rex Research Facility

severe incident 79

Collect the dirty Beaker on the railing and go outside the transport shuttle.

severe incident 80

Collect the Valve Wheel. Enter Rex Research.

severe incident 81

Collect the Picket Axe and Red Wire.

severe incident 82

Use the Allen wrench on the 4 bolts on the left side and open the panel.

severe incident 83

Plase the rusted Gears on the pins. Use the Oil Can to remove the rust on the gears.

severe incident 84

The doors will open. Enter the Facility.

severe incident 85

Collect the Sledge Hammer. Use the Red Spring button on the missing hole next to the doors.

severe incident 86

Go inside the cafeteria to the HOG.

severe incident 87

Collect the Security Card LV2.

severe incident 88

Go to the door on the far side.

severe incident 89

Use the Security Card LV2 and then use the Metal Pipe to turn the handle.

severe incident 90

Talk with the lone survivor of the planet. Collect the Detonator, 2 Dirty Beakers and the Blue Wire.

severe incident 91

Use the Hammer to stop the broken door and then go outside.

severe incident 92

Collect the Valve and go down the stairs.

severe incident 93

Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG.

severe incident 94

Collect the Screwdriver and then go all the way back to the lake

severe incident 95

Use all 3 dirty beakers on the lake to wash them.

severe incident 96

Go to the exterior of Cargo Flight 821. Click on the Flowers.

severe incident 97

Use the 1 beaker on each of the liquids inside the flowers to collect the toxins.

severe incident 98

Go back to the research lab. Click on the Machine in the back right.

severe incident 99

Use the 3 toxin beakers and the Hollow Velcro Balls on the machine.

severe incident 100

Complete the toxin puzzle.

severe incident 101

Go to the area of the forest with the dart board. Proceed up the mountain on the right.

severe incident 102

Use the Pick Axe on the cliff rocks on the left and collect the Lever. Use a Toxin Ball on the creature to put him to sleep.

severe incident 103

Walk past the sleeping creature.

severe incident 104

Click on the unfinished cement wall.

severe incident 105

Use the Sledge Hammer on the wall. Collect the Hack Saw.

severe incident 106

Click on the Skeleton on the left. Collect the Green Wire and the Security Card LV3 from the Rex Research employees pocket.

severe incident 107

Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG. Collect the Valve.

severe incident 108

Go to the big blue creature in the forest and use a Toxin Ball to put him to sleep. Walk past him.

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