Severe Incident Walk-Through Guide Chapter2

Chapter List

Chapeter 2: Strange & Colorful Planet

severe incident 28

Oscar now is able to create a map of the outside world.

severe incident 29

Click to go straight down the path.

severe incident 30

Collect the Metal Pipe in the scene and then click to travel down the right side path.

severe incident 31

Collect the Purple Wire and Yellow Grappling Hook and then go back to the previous scene.

severe incident 32

Click on the left side path to proceed to the lake.

severe incident 33

Once at the lake, Collect the Oranges and then use the Grappling Hook on the abandoned raft.

severe incident 34

Click on the raft to enter the raft HOG.

severe incident 35

Collect the Machete. Travel back to the outside of the crashed Cargo Flight 821.

severe incident 36

Use the Machete on the overgrown grass on the left side and then click to walk down the path.

severe incident 37

Collect the Shovel and then click on the crashed buggy to go to the HOG.

severe incident 38

Collect the Ladder and then return to the inside of Cargo Flight 821.

severe incident 39

Click on the sparkles to go to the HOG.

severe incident 40

Collect the Bolt Cutters and then follow the left path once you exit Cargo Flight 821 all the way to an old Transport Shuttle.

severe incident 41

Click on the stack of wood.

severe incident 42

Use the Bolt cutters on both chains and then grab some boards.

severe incident 43

Back track to the exterior of Cargo Flight 821. Follow the right side path and click the dirt pile.

severe incident 44

Use the Shovel to dig up the Power Cell.

severe incident 45

Go to the lake and click on the raft to go to the HOG scene.

severe incident 46

Collect the Rope from the HOG and then go to the second debris sight by going straight instead of left to the lake.

severe incident 47

Click on the ships crash debris to climb to the top of the debris pile.

severe incident 48

Use the ladder on the ground below and the go down to the other side of the wreckage.

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