Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821

Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821. A routine cargo shipment has crossed paths with a meteor field. Disaster looms upon cargo flight 821 and crashes into an uncharted, beautiful and deadly planet. It appears as though, inhabitants have been on this planet before, but where have they gone? Needless to say, you need to find your way off this rock. This may prove difficult since your ship is completely destroyed. The only companion you have is your trustworthy sidekick, Oscar. After a crash like that he may have a few nuts and bolts missing!

Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821 Overview

Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 is a game that is going to keep you entertained for hours. Exploring a vast unknown planet in a hidden object game is a rare gem for the genre. For an escape from the typical haunted house hidden object game, download severe incident and explore new thrills. Typically geared towards the more advaced HOG adveturer, Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821 will give you something to think about.

  • Hours of Game-Play!
  • Exploration Game-Play!
  • Enjoy the company of Oscar the Robot!
  • Hidden object scenes all over the place!
  • Beautiful, colorful world!
  • Escape the dangers of this unknown world!
  • AND A Lot MORE… Download and Play Today!

Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821 Availability

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Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821 Walk-Through Guide

Severe Incident Cargo Flight 821 walk through and guide. If you’re stuck somewhere in the game please refer to this step by step guide to find your way. Everything needed to complete the game is here. Good luck with the creatures, Oscar and don’t forget to have fun. Have a safe journey around and off this uncharted planet. If you follow this exactly, you will finish the game with the least amount of steps possible.